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Get a New Smile with SureSmile!

More than just Invisible!

Designed to be the most Effective!


Why SureSmile Aligners?

Great Results

  • SureSmile Aligners are designed using advanced software to ensure they fit perfectly and deliver the exact tooth movements needed to achieve great results.

Shortest Time

  • Customized SureSmile Aligner treatment plans are developed using advanced orthodontic capabilities to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

​Designed to Last

  • Pioneered by orthodontic specialists, SureSmile Aligner treatments are designed to make anatomically correct movements that ensure long lasting results.

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Make a good first impression

Dr. Justina will start with examination whether SureSmile Aligners are suitable for you. If yes, then a digital impression is taken and the treatment planning process begins!

Get a fully customized plan

Dr. Justina will analyze your bite and anatomical factors to determine a fully customized treatment plan using SureSmile software.

Custom clear aligners arrive

Advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques are used to create your custom aligners, delivering the exact tooth movements needed to achieve your treatment goals.

Start smiling!

Following your treatment plan will have you smiling your best smile in no time! Dr. Justina will support you throughout to ensure long lasting results.


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